Skills and Talents

Spend 20 Character Points on Background skills, then another 10 points on any Skills or Talents.
No Skill can start higher than 4.
Skills marked with a “*” are modified by Culture.
Group skills list sample specializations.

Skill Attribute
Act Presence
Athletics Dexterity
Blunt Weapons Dexterity
Bull Presence
Charm Presence
Conceal Wits
Dance * Dexterity
Dodge Dexterity
Drive Wits
Empathy Presence
Etiquette * Wits
Firearms Dexterity
Fisticuffs Dexterity
General Knowledge * Wits
Hide & Sneak Dexterity
Improvised Weapon Dexterity
Intimidate Presence/Strength
Leadership Presence
Might Strength
Perception Wits
Pilot Wits
Riding Dexterity
Streetwise * Presence
Swordplay Dexterity
Throwing Dexterity

Skill Attribute Specializations
Academic Wits Criminology, Geography, History, Philosophy, Politics, Theology
Ad Hoc Repair Wits
Animal Handling Wits
Appraisal Wits
Archery Dexterity
Art* Presence Musical Composition, Painting, Playwright, Photography, Sculpture, Writing
Boating Dexterity
Bribery Presence
Business* Wits
Conversation* Presence
Craft Strength/Wits Carpenter, Cook, Gunsmith, Jeweler, Metalworker, Musical Instrument Maker, Tailor, Steamsmith
Culture Wits Automatons, Misbegotten, Neobedouin, Neovictorian, Skyloft (by city)
Demolition Wits
Disguise Wits
Engineer Wits Clockwork, Construction, Electrical, Internal Combustion Engine, Steam
Fashion * Presence
Forgery Wits
Gambling Wits
Gunnery Wits
Instrument Dexterity Accordion, Bass Guitar, Drums, Guitar, Jug, Mandolin, Steam-piano, etc.
Interrogation Presence
Language Wits French, German, Latin, Mandarin Chinese, Navajo, Spanish, etc.
Legal Matters* Wits
Martial Arts Dexterity Baritsu, Beast Dancing, Boxing, Dirty Fighting, etc.
Medicine Wits
Navigation Wits
Performance Presence Fire Eating, Juggling, Mime, Singing, Ventriloquist, etc.
Pick Locks Wits
Pick Pockets Dexterity
Research Wits
Science Wits Biology, Botany, Chemistry, Electricity, Mathematics, Natural History, Pharmacy, Phrenology, Physics, Robotics, Temporal Physics, Veterinary Science
Seduction Presence
Sleight of Hand Dexterity
Sky Lore Wits
Specialized Weapons Dexterity
Survival Wits
Tactics Wits
Teaching Presence
Tracking Wits

Talents marked with a “*” can be taken more than once.

Talent Cost Description
Acute Sense* 3 One of your five senses is sharper than normal
Ambidexterity 4 You can use tools and weapons in either hand without penalty
Animal Empathy 5 Animals like you
Agility 3 You are naturally very agile
Angel Face 3 You have a naturally sweet demeanor
Assassin’s Law* 3 You do more damage with a specific weapon or fighting style
Backstabber* 3 You can launch a surprise attack with greater accuracy or damage
Beautiful/Dashing* 3 You are breathtakingly good looking, making social interactions easier
Blind Fighting 3 You ignore penalties for poor lighting in combat
Clothes Horse* 3 Your excellent fashion sense makes social interactions easier
Combat Sense* 3 You react to danger quickly
Contortionist* 3 You have the ability to manipulate your body to fit in tight spaces and escape from bonds
Deadly Shot* 3 You do more damage with a type of ranged attack
Direction Sense 3 You have an innate sense of direction and rarely get lost.
Double Tap 3 You can shoot your handgun more quickly
Drink Like a Fish* 3 You can drink more alcohol than most people of your build
Eidetic Memory 3 You remember everything you’ve seen or read
Expert 3 You are a genius in one particular skill
Feign Death 3 You can make it hard to tell whether you’re dead or not.
Flashing Blade 5 You can disarm opponents when in swordplay
Gambler* 3 You’re lucky at games of chance
Glib* 3 You are a smooth liar
Greasy Thumbs* 3 You have a natural aptitude for mechanics
Haggler 3 You can lower the price of objects you haggle for
Ham-Fisted 3 You do more damage with your fists
Hawk-eyed Aim* 3 You can use ranged weapons farther with accuracy
Inspiration* 4 Something, or someone, inspires you to exceed your limitations
Iron Grip* 3 You’re better at grabbing and squeezing things
Iron Will* 3 You’re better at resisting coercion or torture
Juggernaut* 3 You’re tougher than others
Knock ‘em Dead 3 You know how to dazzle a crowd with your performance
Light Sleeper 3 You wake up at the slightest sound or touch
Local Expert (Urban)* 3 You know a particular urban area really well.
Local Expert (Wilderness)* 3 You know a particular wilderness area well
Lunge 3 You can execute a lunge when engaged in swordplay
Marksman* 5 You’re more effective at aiming
Mere Flesh Wounds* 4 Reduce damage taken
Mutation (Misbegotten)* 3 As a Misbegotten, your mutation has granted you an unusual trait
Natural Charisma* 4 You are better at overcoming difficulties in social interactions
Night Vision 3 You can see in all but absolute darkness
Perfect Pitch* 3 You are better at music
Point Shooter 3 You aim guns at short range instinctively
Polyglot* 3 You are naturally adept at foreign languages
Powerful Charge 3 When charging, your attack does more damage
Pugilist* 3 You know how to use your fists effectively
Quick Draw* 3 You can draw and attack with a specific weapon type without penalty
Rapid Healer 5 You recover from damage quicker
Rock Your World* 3 You are an expert in the art of seduction and love making
Time Sense* 4 You always know the time of day or how much time has elapsed
Weapon Master* 3 You are an expert with one particular type of weapon

Skills and Talents

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