Airship Skill and Shticks

Airship Skills

Select three of the following skills and add a point to each.
Coordinate with the other players so that the crew has all listed skills.

Firearms Leadership Perception Pilot Swordplay Ad Hoc Repair
Gunnery Medicine Navigation Sky Lore Tactics
Airship Shticks

The players select, as a group, one (or more) Shtick(s) for their crew.
Select three skills from the chosen Shtick and add a point to each.
You do not have to pick from the below you can come up with your own shtick.

Shtick Skills
Accountants Bull, Etiquette, Perception, Academic (accountancy), Appraisal, Bribery, Business, Forgery, Legal Matters, Research, Science (Mathematics)
Bordello Act, Charm, Dance, Empathy, Etiquette, Fisticuffs, Intimidate, Streetwise, Appraisal, Fashion, Gambling, Medicine, Seduction, Sleight of Hand
Church Act, Charm, Empathy, Etiquette, Fisticuffs, Intimidate, Academic (theology), Culture (any), Language (Latin), Medicine, Musical Instrument, Perform (singing and sermon)
Circus Act, Athletics, Bull, Charm, Disguise, Streetwise, Animal Handling, Craft (costims, stage set, etc.), Instrument (any), Martial Arts (baritsu, beast dancing), Performance (fire-eating, juggling, clowning, conjuring, mime, tight-rope walking, trapeze, etc.), Sleight of Hand
Mercenaries Athletics, Ad Hoc Repair, Blunt Weapons, Dodge, firearms, Fisticuffs, Hide & Sneak, Improvised Weapon, Intimidate, Leadership, Swordplay, Throwing, Business, Demolition, Engineer (fortifications, weapons), Medicine
Musicians Act, Charm, Dance, Art (compose music, write song, etc.), Craft (costume, stage set, etc.), Instrument (any), Performance (any)
School Etiquette, General Knowledge, Intimidate, Perception, Throwing, Academic (any 2), Language (any), Science (any), Research, Teaching
Scientific Academic (Any), Appraisal, Craft (Pick two), Culture (Pick one), Drive, Language (Pick one), Legal Matters, Perception, Research, Science (Any)
Salvagers Ad Hoc Repairs, Appraisal, Bribery, Business, Conversation, Craft (Any), Demolitions, Drive, Legal Matters, Might, Perception, Pick Locks, Engineering (Any)
Tavern Blunt Weapon, Empathy, General Knowledge, Streetwise, Academic (philosophy), Business, Conversation, Craft (cook or brewing), Culture (any)
Theater Act, Charm, Art (writing), Craft (costume, stage set, etc.), Disguise, Instrument (any), Performance (any)
Traders Bull, Charm, Etiquette, Streetwise, Academic (accounting), Appraisal, Business, Culture (other); Conceal if also smugglers

Airship Skill and Shticks

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