A Stitch in Time

The adventure so far

They had been on a mission for Vladimir Cumulo-Nimbus the governor of the city of Isla Aether to find

what lies at the X on a treasure map he gives them. When they returned victorious they found that

Caroline Cirro-Stratus, has perpetrated a coup against Vladimir, had him locked up, alongside Henga,

and appointed herself Governor (pending the Council’s approval). She has instigated a policy of no

tolerance of pirates in her city.

Jordan, Eagle and Jenivive were all captured when they went to see Vladimir about payment for finding

the treasure and were imprisoned in the old pleasure palace. The rest of the crew seeing this took off

on the stitch in time to avoid capture. They circled around the city and docked at one of the commercial

wharfs on the other side of the mountain and began plans to free their compatriots. They hatched a plan

to use forged papers and disguises to gain entry to the compound of the governor’s palace but got turned

away by the guards at the gate, so they went to plan B ….Explosives!

The prisoners were not idle either, after being questioned by Caroline, and told that they were scheduled

to be hung the next day, they set about rescuing themselves. Eagle started breaking the posts off of the

bead to use as clubs while Jordan was getting ready to draw in the guards. The noise of the furniture

breaking attracted the guards anyway and the fight began. While Jordan and Eagle kept the guards busy

Jenivive slipped out and found their clothes and gear. She grabbed Eagle’s rifle and returning to the fight

shoots the last guard in the back (in true Pirate fashion). The trio then got dressed and snuck upstairs to

the front door.

The demolition crew was sent out, not to the compound, but to various points in the city and set off their

charges. This drew the attention of the guards in compound and they went to investigate. Seeing this

Jordan, Eagle and Jenivive made their escape, not out of the compound, into the mansion. Jordan had

a debt of honor the settle with Caroline, and he challenged her to a duel. She was not inexperienced in

dueling but in the end Jordan was victorious and Caroline was bleeding on the floor.

After reinstating Vladimir as governor the crew was rewarded for their efforts with 10,000 HE from

Vladimir, another 10,000 HE from the town council and the promise of a 10% reduction in ship repairs at

Atherian docks. Henga also gave them a box with parts in it for an invention that she knew nothing about

but thought the crew might find use for it.

Leaving Isla Aether, the Stich in Time heads towards Helium city and comes across a wrecked ship.

Going down to investigate they find it to be one of the black ships of the Chuno G-Gun. Digging through

the wreckage they found a few things. First Penelope found that the engines were her father’s design,

and there were new improvements in his style that she had never seen before. Even though it was

wrecked the ship was new, not one of the ships that had been patrolling over the last few years. Quincine,

Penelope and Jenivive start dismantling the engines for transfer to the stich in time, and Eagle is heading

out to hunt the big lizard he saw.

Where will our Adventurers go next? Will Penelope convince the crew to search for her father?

Find out next time in :

Adventures of the Stich in Time


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